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Client : Hyatt Regency Lucknow

A Campaign That Became Sabke Dil Ke Pass!

HRL 01

Hyatt Regency was opening in Lucknow. A city brimming with history and culture. A legacy so rich that it overwhelmed the narrative. The hotel needed a line of communication that was endearing, simple and connected with the people of Lucknow. The senior team felt that Lucknow was more than its past and the need to connect to this thriving city of today was important. DF also had a very tight deadline to put together the campaign strategy and creative. The entire pre-launch and launch campaign was to be conceptualised and closed within a week.

HRL 02

Of the multiple approaches that were developed, there was one that was our favourite and we were hoping the Hyatt team would agree. It was a drastic shift from the way global chains spoke with their audiences. The warm message blended Hindi and English. It included members from across the Hotel's departments. We wanted them to be the human face of the brand and connect to the masses. It also meant that from the get-go we had a social media campaign that will bring in loads of "likes and shares" because of the sheer number of 'brand ambassadors'. Not to mention placing the actual people in the hotel in our campaign gave it an honesty that should win over the city.

HRL 03

We placed all our ideas under the slogan - Lucknow Ke Dil Ke Pass. An emotive and engaging line that appeals directly to the heart of Lucknowites, and also conveys the location of the property - at Gomti Nagar, the Dil of the new, urban, Lucknow. We combined it with imagery that sparkled for its simplicity and heartfelt approach. The use of both Hindi and English was termed as a gamechanger. No other international hospitality chain, especially Hyatt, had taken an approach on this scale. Also, the localisation of content went a long way in grabbing the public’s imagination. Launched with hoardings poised across the city and consistent social media engagement, the campaign quickly became a talking point across the city and in the online space. It caught the imagination of the people of Lucknow, Hyatt employees, colleagues, friends, family, and all tuned into the campaign and wished Hyatt Regency Lucknow all success, Dil se. Even sister Hyatt properties embraced the campaign line and sent in wishes of success. Thousands of people became fans of the hotel, even before it had opened.

HRL 04

A campaign that was crafted for the people and with people at its heart had won over the people. Not only was it one of the most successful launch campaigns in hospitality, but was also completed well within time and budget. A campaign that ended up being sabke dil ke paas.

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